How 4 ‘myths’ made champagne a global marketplace icon

What makes a simple wine, grown in a rather mediocre wine-growing region, one of the most famous and magical icons of today? How did champagne establish such a unique position, against all the odds, and become the global symbol of celebration?

Why consumers’ temporal experiences are key

The question of ‘timeflow’, or the pace of the customer experience, has long impacted consumers’ perceptions of products and has been capitalised on by companies and researchers to improve their services. [...]

Online experience, ad blockers and consumer privacy concerns

Margherita Pagani, expert in digital marketing, gives a few keys on the way companies should capitalize on ad blockers rather than fight against them.

Is uberisation really a technological disruption?

"Everyone is afraid of being uberised". The words of Maurice Levy in the Financial Times in December 2014 first brought the term uberisation to public attention.

Twitter for Research

Twitter is a major social network phenomenon on the web. To such an extent that it became itself an object of study for many scientists, as well as a huge source of interesting data for conducting researches in many different fields.

Brand Love

Margherita Pagani sheds light on how marketers can create a stronger engagement with consumers on social networks in her recent research, ‘Antecedents of brand love in online network-based communities: A social identity perspective’.