Debate: How social enterprises can help rethink business growth

The rationale for economic growth at the macro level has been hotly debated in academic and policy circles. On the one hand, growth is conventionally said to bring jobs and economic prosperity to people. On the other, growth with, as its corollary, ever-increasing consumption, have put a massive strain on the Earth’s natural resources and the living organisms depending on them...

Apr 3rd, 2019|

How corporate entrepreneurship can support innovation

Innovation is the process of converting an idea or an invention into a good or a service, creating a value that users are prepared to adopt and/or pay for. Although they invest heavily in R&D, this conversion process remains elusive for numerous well-established companies.

Dec 6th, 2017|

Want to be a CEO? Forget the ‘boundaryless’ career and climb the ladder

We’ve all heard how job hopping is the ‘new normal’ for young workers. How millennials expect to be challenged, supported and validated in their role – and that if an employer doesn’t provide these things they will simply jump ship to something new. Young workers are connected and agile - moving from one position to the next doesn’t faze them.

Nov 22nd, 2017|

The public decision-maker in the face of uncertainty: towards the technical democracy?

The development of uncertainty resulting from scientific and technical innovation is a particular challenge for the public decision-maker. The time when he could decide on a major program and impose it on the people is gone forever. As authority cannot be based on knowledge anymore, a new approach is needed that requires the involvement of the stakeholders to the decision.

Oct 18th, 2017|

What business can learn from the Vienna refugee crisis of 2015

In September 2015, the city of Vienna was thrust to the fore of the nascent EU migrant crisis as Austria threw open its borders and welcomed a raft of largely Syrian migrants from neighbouring Hungary. Between September and end of the year the city welcomed 300,000 refugees. [...]

Apr 26th, 2017|