Managers: how can you optimise your virtual multicultural team meetings?

From large groups to start-ups, virtual multicultural teams are no longer the exception. Employees are required to work remotely. They need to take time differences into account when they interact and internet communication limits their ability to decode messages.

In support of “organic” management, more living than digital

One of the main features of the processes initiated by the expansion of digitalisation and the development of artificial intelligence, which is currently establishing itself as the only and inevitable means of “progress” in the future, is the desire to conquer and "ideologically" transform managers and organisations portrayed as "ill-adapted, or even obsolete".

Why some tasks might be better suited to employees with lower emotional intelligence…

Are you in touch with how your emotions at work impact the organisation or your co-workers? Are you able to regulate your feelings so as to make best use of them in a given situation? If so, you probably score well for emotional intelligence (EI)…. And surely that’s a good thing!

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Can French managers break free from a certain arrogance “à la française”?

“They could see that I was there to make them grow”, “I can’t get my subordinates to do any work”, and so on. These types of comments from company managers in the French expatriate community raise serious questions about the way that they envisage relations with their foreign colleagues.

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Why Mundane and Everyday Politics can be the most effective social movement of all

Trump, Brexit, the Occupy movement….Events in recent years have shown us that various groups of people around the world are disenfranchised and feel marginalised.

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Why female leaders are as key to family as non-family firms. But only in the right roles

In their study to be published in the Journal of Business Ethics, Tawhid Chtioui and his co-authors evaluate the relationship between the appointment of women to CEO or Chair positions and firm performance, and shed light on the differences between family and nonfamily firms.

The Creosote, this High-Performing Manager Who Destroys Your Business

One of the important factors of organization decline is the type of managers it recruits and promotes. Among them is what I call the ‘Creosote manager’, the one who kills life all around him to flourish. Creosote people populate just about every organization that I encounter and that have so much trouble innovating. Would there not then be a causal link?

Looking away: Civilised indifference in the modern workplace

As a sociologist, David Courpasson studies new forms of organizations in the workplace and their impact on day-to-day workers’ lives. Here, he points out the paradox between everyone’s perception of a modern workplace, source of engagement and strong involvement, and employees' ordinary mutual insensitivity.[...]

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