Marie Josée Bernard

My main mission is to promote the development of collective and relational intelligence within organisations. This contributes to a company’s good balance and health by respecting and strengthening the physical, moral, psychological and emotional well-being of the individuals who create value for these companies.
The approaches mobilized allow the individuals to grow their potential while respecting their own personal values.
Management and leadership skills are crucial to the creation of new forms of human dynamics.

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In support of “organic” management, more living than digital

May 16th, 2018|Marie-Josée Bernard, Work & Organizations|

One of the main features of the processes initiated by the expansion of digitalisation and the development of artificial intelligence, which is currently establishing itself as the only and inevitable means of “progress” in the future, is the desire to conquer and "ideologically" transform managers and organisations portrayed as "ill-adapted, or even obsolete".