Thierry Nadisic

I have a PhD in organisational behaviour and I am also an associate professor of economics and management. An experienced manager, I am a certified coach and trainer in leadership and team management, driving change and inspiring employee engagement. My research focuses mainly on feelings of fairness, emotions and well-being in the work place.
I presented psychological experiments for the television programme “Leurs secrets du Bonheur” (Their secrets of happiness) on France 2 and since 2015 I have been scientific advisor to “Positive Psychology” magazine. I regularly write articles about modern management.

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How managers create a sense of justice

Jan 17th, 2019|Thierry Nadisic, Work & Organizations|

Research has shown that commitment and well-being at work are fostered by a sense of being treated fairly, and that withdrawal or antagonistic behaviours stem from a sense of being treated unfairly. However, feeling fairly treated is not limited to “a fair pay for a fair day of work”. It also relates to the way in which decision-making processes and human interactions are assessed. A two-step heuristic process has thus been developed to help managers build environments that employees consider fairer.