About us


About us

Knowledge@EMLYON is a website from the group EMLYON Business School. Headed by the Research Department, it aims at sharing, with as many people as possible, the results of researches lead by EMLYON Business School’s faculty members. These publications can take a variety of forms such as op-eds, tribunes, interviews, articles, videos and other materials depending on topic areas.

Editorial board

The editorial bord members are:

  • Philippe Monin, Vice-President, Research, EMLYON Business School
  • Valérie Jobard, Content manager for Knowledge@EMLYON
  • Laurie Badel, Project manager for Knowledge@EMLYON
  • Alexandre Kane, Chief digital officer, EMLYON Business School
  • Alexandre Panizzo, Web content manager, EMLYON Business School
  • Pierre-Yves Gomez, Professor, EMLYON Business School
  • Loïc Belze, Professor, EMLYON Business School


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